Information for this exhibit has been collected and researched by

Documenting Maine Jewry

A collaborative genealogy and history of Maine’s Jewish communities

Conserving the past
for the future

~Jessica Lantos, Consultant

With thanks to

American Jewish Archives
Barbara Fishman
Bangor Daily News
Bangor Public Library
Brian Kresge, Bangor
Carol Liscovitz
Corey Templeton
Documenting Maine Jewry
Donna Landau
Ed Miller
Elliott Epstein
Fred Weinberg
Jennie Aranovitch
Jeremy Moser
Kennebec Historical Society
Maine Historical Society
Maine Jewish History Project of Colby College
Michael Cohen
Nancy O’Neil
Norm Wilson
Phyllis Graber Jensen
Portland Public Library
Rachel Lefkowitz
Richard Sawyer
Rosalyn Martel-Secor
Sherrie Bergman
Suzan Theriault
and local congregations throughout Maine

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